Short Circuit Studies

Conducting timely short circuit studies, ideally, once every five years is important. This is all due to the high fault currents which may explode the equipment and lead to short circuits.

A short circuit current carries a large amount of negative energy which can get released through faulty electrical systems and damage your equipment and might lead to heavy losses. This current flows due to the failure of insulation barrier. As a result, it flow in a shorter path than the original circuit.

A detailed short circuit study on an electrical system should be performed when it is designed for the first time, or updated thereafter. Every time an electric circuit is expanded, reconfigured, or upgraded, its reliability gets hampered.

This is when a short circuit study helps in managing the involved complexities and ensuresthat your devices are properly protected against any failure.

Benefits of a Short Circuit Analysis

Performing timely short circuit analysis is important because it:

  • Enhances the safety and reliability of your electrical system and the equipment that it powers
  • Decreases the risks related to short circuit
  • Recognized the problem areas associated with a system
  • Proposed the recommended solution to tackle the existing problems

Get Short Circuit Studies Conducted by Us

We conduct in-depth short circuit studies to calculate the fault current at various positions. Our study is performed in line with standards set by ANSI and IEEE. We then use the data extracted to compare the interruption ratings (maximum electrical current that a device can interrupt before it fails) of the devices.