Protection Studies

Protection study deals with the process of examining the protection level of electrical systems. Its purpose is to ensure that a system or network and the personnel are is protected from all possible faults and failures. Most protection mechanisms include methods to detect the faults and , isolate them from the main system,

What Is the Purpose Of Protection Study?

The main objective of a protection scheme is to keep the power system stable by isolating only the components that are under fault, whilst leaving as much of the network as possible still in operation. Thus, protection schemes must apply a very pragmatic and pessimistic approach to clearing system faults.
It is most important for facilities where constant power supply is required. Hospitals, industrial plants, power transmission systems, telecommunication networks, are some of the areas where continuous and uninterrupted power supply is a must. Therefore, they need specific measures and plans to solve electrical defects without disrupting other components. The protection study is required in order to develop such measures.

How Is Protection Study Conducted?

The first aspect of protection studies is to simulate the power network which enables:
1. Analyzing equipment coordination
2. Examining protective relays – switches that detect faults and trip circuit breakers
3. Measuring disturbances in different devices
4. Grading and coordinating the selays

HWZ comes with years of experience in conducting protection grading studies – from simple overcurrent earth fault coordination studies to configuring complex differential protection schemes and investigating nuisance protection trips.

We can simulate faults on any part of the network and confirm the exact operating sequence and times for the protective devices. HWZ can also help specify and set-up differential protection schemes for transformers, switchgear, cables etc.

Our protection study services will ensure that all electrical devices and power supplies are capable of functioning smoothly. We check all requirements and protective measures for electrical systems as per the standards set by regulatory agencies. We also provide consultancy services for different industries to follow protection guidelines when installing specific devices or an entire system.