We are at Howeizeh have a highly professional team which is highly experienced in power system studies and have undertaken a wide range complex studies for many large clients and on many complex plants.

Power Flow Studies

To validate the performance of power system during normal and abnormal conditions, we undertake load-flow studies for a wide range of operational scenarios. Using ETAP software for load-flow analysis we will examine equipment loading, power system losses and the voltage profile of the system to identify correct tap settings and ranges as well as identify the need for any reactive power compensation equipment to improve the power factor.

Short Circuit Studies

Having in-depth knowledge about IEC 60909 and IEC 61363 standards, Howeizeh will study and simulate the fault levels and ensure that the selected equipment can safely interrupt any short circuit that may occur on the system. The short circuit study will be supported with a detailed system modelling and technical report considering a wide range of condition and factors to achieve a more realistic analysis.

Arc Flash Studies

In order to identify the specific arc flash hazard at a given piece of equipment within a facility, an arc flash study must be performed. Howeizeh will carry out Arc Flash study using our internal designed software. The result of the arc flash study will categorize the hazard at specific equipment based on the incident energy, as well as identify the Arc Flash Protection Boundary (this is the closest approach allowed before PPE must be worn). These studies are typically carried out to IEEE 1584 and look at the typical busbar clearances, working distance, fault levels and protection operating time to identify the total incident energy in Cal/cm2, to ensure it is within safe operating limits, and what level of PPE is required.

Harmonic Analysis

Howeizeh has experience of a wide range of harmonic analysis techniques and are familiar with IEC 61000-3, IEEE-519. We will examine the individual levels of harmonic distortion and the Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) on the system and key busbars, as well as identify any resonance points in the system. Studies can be carried out using either ETAP or DigSilent as required.

Protection Studies

Howeizeh has experience of undertaking a wide range of protection grading studies from simple overcurrent earth fault coordination studies, up to configuring complex differential protection schemes and investigating nuisance protection trips. We specialise in undertaking difficult studies and using the ETAP software (or Amtech for simple cases), we can simulate faults on any part of the network and confirm the exact operating sequence and times for the protective devices. Howeizeh can also help specify and set-up differential protection schemes for transformers, switchgear, cables etc.

Transient Stability Studies

Transient and Dynamic stability studies are most frequently associated with island power systems and embedded generators and are used to measure voltage stability, frequency stability in relation to faults, loss of main supplies, generation and load acceptance and rejection. These studies are useful for identifying any the need for load shedding systems, fast differential protection schemes or other forms of power system compensation. Studies can be carried out using ETAP software.

Dynamic Motor Analysis

Howeizeh can undertake simple static motor starting studies to identify the initial voltage sag, but we can also carry out more complex dynamic motor starting evaluations which consider the motor and load behaviour and dynamic response of any generators on the system. Using ETAP software, we can model DOL starts, star-delta starters, autotransformers, resistance starters, or electronic soft- starters.