We are at Howeizeh have a highly professional team which is highly experienced in power system studies and have undertaken a wide range complex studies for many large clients and on many complex plants.

Initial Concept Design and planning outline design

Our highly experienced Power System Design team is well equipped to deliver a complete range of electrical design including initial feasibility studies, estimation of total power demand, design and negotiation of Grid and Primary substation connections, selecting appropriate voltage levels,transformer rating, earthing approach and fault levels..

Power System Management (PMS) Design

A Power Management System(PMS) is used to monitor and balance the generation & consumption in an electrical network which has multiple loads and sources. Howeizeh has a dedicated PMS system developed by its design team to perform and monitor of power plants. It contains the following main

  • AGC: Automatic Generation Control
  • TLSD: Fast Topology based Load Shedding
  • FLSD: Backup frequency-based load Shedding
  • NGRM: NER Management of generators and transformers
  • BSYNC: Multipoint Block Synchroniser
  • PDCS: Power Distribution Control, Monitoring and Alarm System

Detailed Primary and Secondary Design

Howeizeh can prepare a wide range of detail design drawings to fully define an electrical system and provide a turnkey solution to the client. Typical drawings that we prepare for clients are: Single line diagrams, protection diagrams, cable routing diagrams, lighting and small power layouts, earthing layouts, wiring diagrams, schematic diagrams, block diagrams etc.

Equipment Specification

Howeizeh can produced a wide range of equipment specifications, data sheets and operating philosophies associated with the client’s requirements.

Cable Sizing and schedule

For cable sizing calculations we are familiar with IEC 60364 and 60287 and are capable of sizing of LV and HV. We can also calculate the armour circuit current and end line armour standing voltage to ensure these values are within the limit. Our design process ensure that we consider all key aspects of the cable installation and any identify and correctly account for any factors that may affect the cables rating, as well as formally sizing it for the required short circuit carrying capacity.

Earthing Design and calculation

Howeizeh can undertake a complete earthing design for any power system, with the aim of ensuring that all items of equipment are correctly earthed with the right sized conductor and optimise the earth nest layout to suit the site conditions and reduce costs.

IEC 61850 Architecture design

High-speed peer-to-peer IEC 61850-8-1 GOOSE and IEC 61850-9-2 sampled values based information-exchange among IEDs in modern IEC 61850 substations have opened the opportunity for designing and developing innovative all-digital protection applications. Howeizeh has an experienced team