Initial Concept Design and Outline Planning Design

Initial concept design and outline planning are the first steps involved in setting up any electrical system.
It is a process of preparing a blueprint of the system and all its components using appropriate tools such as design and simulation software. Outline planning refers to the process of laying out the outline for different interfaces of the system based on the initial concept.

Process of Designing Initial Concepts and Outline Planning

The process of developing Initial Concepts and Outline Plans include:
1.Collecting necessary data, such as the total power output the system is required to produce.
2. Estimating and calculating different parameters such as suitable levels of voltage and current, resistance, capacitance, and inductance of the loads, cable and wiring specifications.
3. Determining the appropriate equipment such as generators, transformers, circuit breakers, various types of loads, and harmonic filters.
4. Designing an efficient network for power generation, transmission, and distribution
5. Considering the topographical conditions of the site where the power system is to be constructed.
6. Estimating the total cost of the project.
7. Assessing problems that may arise in the system and proposing effective soloutions
The complexity of these designs will vary based on the scale of the project. For large scale power systems with complicated interfaces and connections, the designing process will require more planning and effort. Initial Concepts And Outline Planning can make the construction process faster and easier. It also helps to cut down the cost of construction.

Our services in Initial Concept Design and Outline Planning

The competency exists within HWZ team to design initial concepts and outline plans for a variety of power systems, ranging from simple line drawings for low voltage power systems to intricate and detailed designs for large power stations.
Our highly experienced Power System Design team is well equipped to deliver a complete range of electrical designs including initial feasibility studies, estimation of total power demand, design and negotiation of Grid and Primary substation connections, selecting appropriate voltage levels, transformer rating, earthing approach and fault levels.