Equipment Specification

One of the biggest challenges in the maintenance of power systems is equipment failure or malfunction. Power systems include several interconnected mechanisms. So failure or defect in single equipment can cause a number of problems, such as:
1. Consecutive damage to other equipment
2. Failure of an entire mechanism in the system
3. Failure of the system as a whole
4. Incidents such as overheating and fire outbreaks that can harm the system as well as the operators
To prevent such outcomes resulting from equipment failure and ensure the smooth operation of the system, proper equipment specification is essential.

Process of Equipment Specification

The overall process of equipment specification can be explained in two main steps:
1. To understand the requirement of the power system
2. Accordingly choose suitable equipment from all the options available in the market

The process itself will be different for different equipment. Voltage, current, power, and frequency ratings are standard specifications for most electrical equipment. Other than that, every equipment comes with its own specifications, like the number and orientation of blades in turbines, the primary and secondary windings in the transformer, and so on.
Size and space is another essential factor to be considered. The site and process of installation must also be specified. External factors such as temperature and weather conditions, and their effects on the operation of the equipment, are also a matter of interest in the equipment specification process.
The main purpose of this process is to figure out the best and most suitable equipment as per the requirement of the system and to purchase the equipment for the best price available in the market.

Our Equipment Specification Services

Howeizeh can produce a wide range of equipment specifications, data sheets and operating philosophies associated with the client’s requirements.
We provide accurate and reliable equipment specification services, whether it’s for the construction of a new power system, or adding some extra components to upgrade an existing system.
We also assist our clients with the procurement or purchase of required equipment at affordable costs.