Dynamic Motor Analysis

Motors are prevalent in all types of industries and are used in a variety of mechanisms and systems. The condition and efficiency of motors will directly affect the efficiency of the entire system. That is why specific tests must be conducted on motors from time to time.Technicians must be prepared to solve any problem arising due to the motors, as well as to detect the issues at an early stage and take precautions beforehand.
The motor analysis is the process of testing the condition as well as the operation of motors under different conditions. The static motor analysis deals with examining the condition of motors. The dynamic motor analysis is the process of testing motors when they are operational to determine their states during conditions such as varying loads and fluctuating power supply.

How Is Dynamic Motor Analysis Conducted?

Dynamic Motor Analysis enables calculating motor acceleration time and the voltage impact of motor starting on electrical power systems. Basically, the objectives in performing a motor starting analysis are:

  • Examine whether the motor can be effectively started under the operating conditions
  • Check if starting the motor will hinder normal operation of other system connected loads

Our Services In Dynamic Motor Analysis

HWZ can perform both static and dynamic motor analysis to identify the initial voltage sag, the motor and load behavior and dynamic response of any generators on the system. Using ETAP software, we can model DOL starts, star-delta starters, auto transformers, resistance starters, and electronic soft-starters.
Our dynamic motor testing services are highly accurate and time-efficient. Based on the results of the tests, we also provide the best possible solutions for existing as well as potential defects related to motor performance.