Detailed Primary and Secondary Design

The design of electrical systems serves many purposes. First of all, it gives a layout for the construction and installation of the entire system. Other than that, it also helps to figure out the load and power requirements, equipment needed, cost estimation of the project, and potential problems and defects that may occur in the system.

A proper, detailed, and well-defined electric system design will make the construction In general, there are different types of drawings and models that are used in the process of designing.

Different types of Primary and Secondary designs in Electrical systems

When setting up a new system, a detailed design must be made for the entire system from start to finish. However, the designing process includes not just a single diagram, but a combination of many different diagrams such as:

1. Initial concept plans – basic layouts of the system based on the client’s specifications or requirements
2. Simple one-line diagrams for three-phase systems
3. Schematic diagrams for electrical networks and different connections within a system
4. Wiring and transmission line diagrams
5. Functional block diagrams that represent the power flow between different components of a system

Our Services In Primary And Secondary Designs

We provide all types of electrical designs for various types of power systems. We have worked on small and large scale designing projects for various industries, assisting them to set up efficient power systems.